Wednesday, 21 June 2017

My Bunny writing.

Today we wrote a story independently we used a picture of rabbits attacking a toy town as a prompt.Once upon a time there lived two little rabbits and there names were Henry and angel the lived in the middle of the forest with there mum and dad.They were all walking around the forest looking for some food to take back to the middle of the forest they found 2 fish,a some carrots and some dead grass that was all dried up.Next when they were hoping back to their middle of the forest they saw a squall nibbling on their tree that was made out of wood.

The Middle.After that the bunny rabbit’s were back at the middle of the forest where they had lived Next they ripped some of the bark of the tree and put it down on the floor so they can put there food that they found on it  so it does not get dirty.Next they shared the food out evenly altogether they 3 piece of everything and then next Henry and angel started to get bigger and bigger and then next they were still hungry next one of the characters saw the big fat bunnies then he went running down to other people’s house and saying run run for your life.

The End.So all the people that had gotten warned were running all the way up to a big mountain called mount Topiless next they were waiting for the giant bunnies to come and get them but the a character started to roll down the mountain then all of the other people that were up at the hill rolled down following the other person because they did not want to get squshed by there foot.I felt really scared.   

1.Do you know what the tree’s are made out of answer here.