Friday, 24 February 2017

Bubble writing

Last Tuesday when Mrs Teleso came to Room 14 she did the roll first.Then the whole class got to do there mihi at the same time. Next Mrs Teleso called our group lines to go and line up outside by the gray pole and we went. Next we went over to the shade and the funky trees with amazing branches. Then we were running around for a little bit when we got under the shade. Next Mrs Teleso told us to stand in our group lines  under the shade then mrs Teleso gave us the bubble wand and I got to go first. In the orange group we had to spread out in our around in the shade Miss Teleso told us not to go out in the sun because we might go far out in the sun.  Miss Teleso called us back the we went back to class.I loved blowing bubbles with my friends in room fourteen.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Muriwai reading

we are learning to write about takupu.

Duffy show 2017

Kia ora can you guess where we  went? We went into the hall to watch a cool as duffy show. Do you want to learn the name `‘s of all three characters there names where global girl and duffy and global girls boss.You will never guess where duffy and global girl went they flew up  high in the sky to see all of the beautiful blue clouds and duffy and global girl tried to make a cloud  they needed a empty bottle with know water in it and a bag with air in it then the fake cloud made a little noiz that went poof.Duffy I can’t wait to see you again next time if we get to see you again . The part that I loved was the cloud that they made with air and a empty bottle.

What's my Number

I'm learning how to 3 big Numbers and add them togther to make a big a number.

Friday, 10 February 2017


I am learning to add tens and ones togther to make a high number.

Jack the Robot

Jack the robot was wandering around the junk yard trying to find a robot friend but when he sat down jack saw a yougert container it had been missing one thing on his body and it was a mouth but jack put a little bit of black tape but the yougert container still couldent talk back.To jack because the yougert container was a fake friend but then a other robot came but this time it was a real robot jack and the robot sat on a metal pipe for a little wille jacks new friend Ahad a fan later on in the movie jack got Eletric shocked by a old as dirty engine jack was burnt by a electrocuted by a wire in the old old dirty car he

About me

Kia ora  my name is Israel my favourite sports are soccer,ripper rugby and basket ball
I go to Pt England school my favourite thing to do at school is to learn heaps of new
Stuff. Taulofa lava do you guys want to know who all my friends names are Hendrix,Jezer,Siaku,Suade and Khris. Thank you for looking at my blog.