Thursday, 27 July 2017

100,s 10s and ones

This week we are learning about place value and adding hundreds, Tens and Ones. 

The Sun.

The sun is the largest star in our solar system.However there are many stars like it in a wider universe.The Earth is just the right distance from the sun.But our planet is not to hot or to cold.The light from the sun takes eight mins to reach earth and give life to plants. astronauts will never be able to land on the sun.As reach's five thousand five hundred degrees celsius. One hundred times hotter   then humans can stand.The sheer size of the sun mean's that it is gravitational pull forces all the planets in our solar system to orbit around it.Born five billion years ago.The sun has been producing heat and light, for a very long time.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Monday, 3 July 2017


Long long ago there was a man called Tamarereti who lived in a far away village with his family. He went fishing and he caught two small fish and one large fish. Then Tamarereti was sleeping in his waka when he fell asleep. The wind cloud was starting to rise out of its home and blew Tamarereti to a nearby  island. When Tamarereti  woke up in the morning he did not know that the wind had blown him to this island with heaps of pebbles. He got the pebbles and then next he went back to the island because his village was too far away for him to go back in his waka. The sky got darker and darker and darker. When Tamarereti grabbed some of the pebbles he loaded up the waka with pebbles and next he pushed off the side of the island and his waka started to move across the water. After tamarereti started to go across the water he grabbed some pebbles and threw them into the sky and the pebbles became the seven stars of matariki.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

My reading activity.

This week we are learning about Maori Technology.So far it is so cool learning about this. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

My Bunny writing.

Today we wrote a story independently we used a picture of rabbits attacking a toy town as a prompt.Once upon a time there lived two little rabbits and there names were Henry and angel the lived in the middle of the forest with there mum and dad.They were all walking around the forest looking for some food to take back to the middle of the forest they found 2 fish,a some carrots and some dead grass that was all dried up.Next when they were hoping back to their middle of the forest they saw a squall nibbling on their tree that was made out of wood.

The Middle.After that the bunny rabbit’s were back at the middle of the forest where they had lived Next they ripped some of the bark of the tree and put it down on the floor so they can put there food that they found on it  so it does not get dirty.Next they shared the food out evenly altogether they 3 piece of everything and then next Henry and angel started to get bigger and bigger and then next they were still hungry next one of the characters saw the big fat bunnies then he went running down to other people’s house and saying run run for your life.

The End.So all the people that had gotten warned were running all the way up to a big mountain called mount Topiless next they were waiting for the giant bunnies to come and get them but the a character started to roll down the mountain then all of the other people that were up at the hill rolled down following the other person because they did not want to get squshed by there foot.I felt really scared.   

1.Do you know what the tree’s are made out of answer here.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Symmetry work.

 The top one is the country patterns from other country I went on Niue and Tonga and Samoa.
The bottom one is the mat that I created with other country patterns.

Friday, 26 May 2017

plane writing

After lunch in the afternoon on Monday we sat on the mat and we watched a video about making a plane.Next Miss Davis gave the leader of the group 6 pieces of paper and the leader got one  piece of paper and pasted the pile back.When I got my piece of paper I went and got a Ipad
And next I tried to make a paper plane. After that I put the class site on and next I put the video of making a paper plane on. After that I watched the video about making a paper plane when the video was done i had to get some colours and a pencil. Next i started to colour in my plane that I had made in class for a term. Later when everyone was done making their  planes class fourteen went outside to have a competition.After lunch in the afternoon on Monday we sat on the mat and we watched a video about making a plane.Next Miss Davis gave the leader of the group 6 pieces of paper and the leader got one  piece of paper and pasted the pile back.When I got my piece of paper I went and got a Ipad
And next I tried to make a paper plane. After that I put the class site on and next I put the video of making a paper plane on. After that I watched the video about making a paper plane when the video was done i had to get some colours and a pencil. Next i started to colour in my plane that I had made in class for a term. Later when everyone was done making their  planes class fourteen went outside to have
a competition.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Friday, 19 May 2017

Friday, 12 May 2017

Extraordinary Earthworms.

worm's live underground and if they come up to the surface they will burn.

Kite writing

  • this week we are learning how to make kites this is what i made to make a kite.

maths problems

100-0=100 50-40=10 8-8=0
100-0=100 80-20= 60 4-9=5
183 - 44 =
100-0=100 80-40=40 3-4=1
180-61 =
100-0=100 80-61=19
100-0=100 70-60=10 5-4=1

Friday, 5 May 2017

Tamarereti story

The sky is so black that if you go to look for something you will not be able to see the walkway. When the person was looking for his stuff that he lost he kept on bumping into the tree on falling into bushes.

When the Taniwha woke up and the Taniwha was so cranky and mean that when he woke up that he was so hungry that he tried to eat some people.

When the sun started to rise up Tamarereti woke up and he was so hungry that he checked his kete and the kete was empty.Then Tamarereti went to his waka and hopped inside the waka and pushed off the edge of the beach but then he knew that he was forgetting something on the beach he quickly grabbed his paddle.

Next Tamarereti court three large fish Then he ate one and then he went to sleep and the wind was pushing Tamarereti to the beach then when tamarereti got pushed to the beach he woke up then he got out of his waka and went to lie down on the beach.

When the wind cloud was pushing the waka to the beach the waka was pushing Tamarereti was also getting pushed as well.When Tamarereti got to the beach he got out of the waka and lied down.

Then Tamarereti got on to the land and started a fire on the bay.Then Tamarereti got his kete with the three large fish and then he got one large fish then he got another fish then fried for him to eat so he does not starve overnight.

Next Tamarereti he loaded some of the shiny pebbles into his waka  until the waka was full of pebbles then next Tamarereti launched the pebbles into the air to make a path.

Next tamarereti launched them into the sky and the pebbles made a path back home and back into his bay.

Next tamarereti threw the pebbles high into the sky and then the pebbles became the matariki and the six stars.Matariki is the star that can not be ended.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Addition work.

We are learning to add three tens and ones to make a biger number.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Maths Picture.

We are learning to use shapes to make like a robot and a building and even you can build a person.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te Oro story.

When we first got to the building I was so nerves Because I have not been there in angers then when the whole of the team three and the team four people.The entrance was on the side of the building that is where we went in from the door.Then next Miss Moala told the classes to line up in two a pav line and a room 14 line.Next she told us to go up the stairs then we hate to go into the room up on the stairs when we walked in the room there was a big fat rat and there was even.


  1. did you know miss davis use to dance?
Did you know Miss Davis use to dance.

  1. keyana, julianna, kiarah, kharizma and angelica are in the neptune reading group.
Keyana, Julianna,  Kharizma and Angelica are in the Neptune reading group.

  1. the pacific ocean is the biggest ocean on earth.

The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean on Earth.
We are learning if a noun has a capital letter.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Clean up the rubbish!!!!!!!

This is my movie picking up rubbish at school.At school we are learning to animate by moving our body parts and picking up rubbish.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Environment picture.

We are learning to keeping our environment by picking up rubbish at school.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Duffy Book Captain under pants and the sensational saga of sir stinks a lot.

Yesterday after lunch we were reading some of our reading books then miss davis said to pack up and line up so we can see to opera singers.The people that were singing they gave us a hole box full of books.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Making a road.

We are learning about how humans change nature environment.We are learning look closely at visual feature of the text and summarise main point. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Times tables

4x, 5x, 6x Table quiz
4x1= 4

Monday, 20 March 2017

Maths Arrays

We are learning to do arrays And we are also learning our times tables.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Dragon story.

The world’s smallest dragon is an amazing creature, it is so tiny that it sit on only two fingers of a human hand.The dragon’s name is going to be Maui’s whole body only could fit on the size of two humans fingers but only the middle finger and the finger next to the middle finger on your hand.Maui had big wings and a little bit of scales on maui the dragon's back.  he has so much greenscale's all over Maui’s back.  

Caring for this creature is a challenging task and should not be taken on without serious thought. Maui the dragon needs dragon food and if I walk maui I will walk him down to the park to play on the park for a little bit. Then I will walk maui back home and have a kai with maui he has dragon food and then I will put him into his little house that I built for him. Next I will tuck him in then I  will tuck myself in my bed then I will reach over and get a book to read so I can fall asleep it make it a bed inside the house.  

Dragons are playful creature and they love to play games with children.
I will play fetch with maui the dragon when I want to a different game play with maui  my dragon I will  play racing with  him. We would do maths together.

Rugby, fetch, play races.

Wise up people

17 Mar 2017 13:27:31.jpg
Wise up.
UsIng the data above,put each runner's times over the last two weeks in numerical order from the highest number to the lowest.How many seconds are there between each runner’s fastest time and his or her slowest time.

Different is 17-18=1
Différents 20-18=2
DiffĂ©rentes   17-16=1

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Picnic story

Three days ago pt england school had a assembly for the picnic. Mr Burt talked about being safe on the beach and the playground. Next Mr Burt said “it’s time to  go to the beach he said” that we were going to go to the beach and Mr Burt said that the year eights had to go first and then the year 7 had to go second next the year 6 had to go third then the year 5,4,3,2,1 had to go last because we might get squashed by the big year 8. Then Mr Burt said that Pt england is going to have another talk down at the reserve. When we arrived  we had a talk about where the boundaries were they were by the cliff and we are not allowed to climb up the cliff or roll down the cliff. whoever rolls down the hill they will get in truble from Mr Burt. If we go past the playground when Mr Burt was done talking we dumped our bags on the carpet the we had some thing to eat then we went to go and play on the playground and then the year ones got to go and swim when it was high tide then they had there swim next it was year.2 turn to have a swim in the water the year 2s had 15 minutes to have fun in the water after that it was the year 3 turn to have a swim in the water for 30 then the year 3s and the year 4s were swimming with the year 3s as well then it was the year fives turn to swim in the deep side they got to swim in the deep side because they're bigger than the year 4,3,2 and 1s the year five are big because they are taller than us that's why they get to swim in the deep side of the rocks and they were even allowed.  

Friday, 10 March 2017

Israel maths


We are learning to do us place vaule.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

bike track

Last thursday it was the grand opening of the bike track Room 14.Pt england went down to the bottom field and you will never guess who was waiting down at the bottom field it was the variety people! Pt england were seting under the burning hot sun as pt england was waiting to ride on the bikes when mr burt were counting down from 3, 2, 1, then two of the year ones got to cut the ribbon people got to cut the ribbon when mr burt got to the number one jezers brother sam and a girl got to cut the ribbon.Room 14 got to watch the bikes go around the obstacles on the bike track four days after that  i went to go and get my lunch then miss davis gave me and angelica and two more people from our class and we got to have a turn on the bikes on monday I went around the bike track heaps before the end of lunchtime.I felt really happy when it was the grand opening of the bike track.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Marine reserves.

last week my group was learning about the marine reserve                      

Friday, 24 February 2017

Bubble writing

Last Tuesday when Mrs Teleso came to Room 14 she did the roll first.Then the whole class got to do there mihi at the same time. Next Mrs Teleso called our group lines to go and line up outside by the gray pole and we went. Next we went over to the shade and the funky trees with amazing branches. Then we were running around for a little bit when we got under the shade. Next Mrs Teleso told us to stand in our group lines  under the shade then mrs Teleso gave us the bubble wand and I got to go first. In the orange group we had to spread out in our around in the shade Miss Teleso told us not to go out in the sun because we might go far out in the sun.  Miss Teleso called us back the we went back to class.I loved blowing bubbles with my friends in room fourteen.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Muriwai reading

we are learning to write about takupu.

Duffy show 2017

Kia ora can you guess where we  went? We went into the hall to watch a cool as duffy show. Do you want to learn the name `‘s of all three characters there names where global girl and duffy and global girls boss.You will never guess where duffy and global girl went they flew up  high in the sky to see all of the beautiful blue clouds and duffy and global girl tried to make a cloud  they needed a empty bottle with know water in it and a bag with air in it then the fake cloud made a little noiz that went poof.Duffy I can’t wait to see you again next time if we get to see you again . The part that I loved was the cloud that they made with air and a empty bottle.

What's my Number

I'm learning how to 3 big Numbers and add them togther to make a big a number.

Friday, 10 February 2017


I am learning to add tens and ones togther to make a high number.

Jack the Robot

Jack the robot was wandering around the junk yard trying to find a robot friend but when he sat down jack saw a yougert container it had been missing one thing on his body and it was a mouth but jack put a little bit of black tape but the yougert container still couldent talk back.To jack because the yougert container was a fake friend but then a other robot came but this time it was a real robot jack and the robot sat on a metal pipe for a little wille jacks new friend Ahad a fan later on in the movie jack got Eletric shocked by a old as dirty engine jack was burnt by a electrocuted by a wire in the old old dirty car he

About me

Kia ora  my name is Israel my favourite sports are soccer,ripper rugby and basket ball
I go to Pt England school my favourite thing to do at school is to learn heaps of new
Stuff. Taulofa lava do you guys want to know who all my friends names are Hendrix,Jezer,Siaku,Suade and Khris. Thank you for looking at my blog.