Monday, 3 July 2017


Long long ago there was a man called Tamarereti who lived in a far away village with his family. He went fishing and he caught two small fish and one large fish. Then Tamarereti was sleeping in his waka when he fell asleep. The wind cloud was starting to rise out of its home and blew Tamarereti to a nearby  island. When Tamarereti  woke up in the morning he did not know that the wind had blown him to this island with heaps of pebbles. He got the pebbles and then next he went back to the island because his village was too far away for him to go back in his waka. The sky got darker and darker and darker. When Tamarereti grabbed some of the pebbles he loaded up the waka with pebbles and next he pushed off the side of the island and his waka started to move across the water. After tamarereti started to go across the water he grabbed some pebbles and threw them into the sky and the pebbles became the seven stars of matariki.

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