Friday, 13 August 2021

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 Gorillas Should Wear Nappies In New York City???

“ Object “=Nappies

“ PLace “=Nyc


Did You Know That Ever Since Nappies Came Out People Have Wondered If Gorillas Need Them.

Since Gorillas Have Lived in Zoo’s They Have Done Bad Stuff Like Smash Windows Also They Love To Do Massive Poo’s The Size Of Half A Mini Cooper Do You Know How Big That Is???

So When They Get Angry They Put On There Nappies And Find Some Random Way To Escape The Zoo And When They Get Loose They Will Climb To The Highest Point  Of Nyc And Throw Nappies Everywhere??

So Would You Like Animals To Have Nappies Especially Gorillas Comment On My Blog If You Do?

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